Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

where are we going to celebrate the new year this time?

hello, good evening everyone who's visiting my blog :)
I could not sleep, but I felt very tired and exhausted-____-
actually, my big family has plan for the new year in Cisarua, but that plan was canceled, and seemed to be doing anything in my house to celebrate the new year this time(like what i have told in previous post). 
i'd like to plan a new year with mybestfriends(my friends in junior high school--->apparently)like to sleepover with my misuse of a friend's house , but that plan failed too. oh i'm so saaaddd ;(
hm and then, hhh i think i'll celebrate the new year in my house with my parents, older sister,and my youngest brother too. 
okay, and now i'm getting sleepy and going to bed. so, i'll see you tomorrow, i'll write a new post for you who want to visit my blog.
byebye, thank you for visiting my blog . I hope you're happy, have a nice dream! 

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